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"Loving Sunshine's Dalmatian"

Why did Raya get her name?

Well I'm a bit of a Disney lover, so all my animals have Disney names. However, I didn't want a name for my dream dog that was already known like "Nala" or "Kiara".

Accordingly, I watched the Disney movie "Raya and the Last Dragon". The main characters is Raya, who is brave and wants to reunite the countries and Sisu the dragon, who helps her.

I have been looking for the right and suitable name for my kennel for a very long time. It was important to me that the name of my Raya - my first breeding bitch - gets a meaning in the kennel name and reflects it.

Raya: The name probably comes from Spanish and means sunshine, ray. Furthermore Raya is in Hebrew one of the words for "love".
If you combine these words you get "Love" and "Sunshine" - From this you get the kennel name



                                           - Loving Sunshine's Dalmatian -

So my Raya will be a part of it forever.


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