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Successfully passed breeding license

Successfully passed breeding license! On 25.03.23 the breeding approval test in Vöhringen was on the schedule.

We were not alone as "Sweet Points" represented, because it was Raya's brother Chester and cousin Morton with the party.

Raya was very excited as there were many strangers standing around us. Katrin from @kawis_trailing_spots and Doris from @dalmatiner_ex_alphabetum were super helpful and kept stuffing treats when it came to measuring the size and length. So Raya could enjoy it over him 🤭 She is by the way 55cm high 😊

Raya then wanted more and more cookies and fell in love with them 😂🤫

The running was not really good from my point of view, because I myself was very battered by our Holland vacation by a nasty cough and our "steh" went better before. 🙈

Nothing, nevertheless Raya got a brilliant rating which is as follows:

Appearance Check 16 x excellent (top score), 1 x good (due to her heavy spotting, but that was predictable).

Charackter Check 7x excellent (7 out of 7, so everything🥰).

Breedable with the note to pay attention to the spotting.

I am super proud of this rating ! And so I move a little closer to the dream of a small Dalmatian breeding with my Raya mouse.

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