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Harzgerode Show Weekend

What can I say ?

Two times placed.

V3 Saturday under judge Mrs. Mansch

V1, CAC VDH+Club under judge Martin Klopsch.

There were 5 bitches in the intermediate class.

I am honest: on sunday morning I said: "I will definitely go out with a SG today" because it was said that the judge likes standard dogs with adjoining points. Raya is in the standard but as we all know, she has no bordering points.

That's why I said to my mum that she doesn't have to film either. I was already very happy about the V3 on Saturday.

But then Mr. Klopsch put me at the beginning !

And indeed we were finally rewarded with a V1

Raya was visibly shocked when my mum, @points_and_stray_love, @points_sheldon_cooper, @luna_ruby_goldenspotted, @mayaris_dalmatiner and many others were very loud for us ! Thanks for your support and also thanks to @chester_brown_dalmatiner and @schwarzwaldpunkte who were happy with us online !

@dalmatinervomfleckenherz then got the BOS ! Incredibly great bitch and also really deserved

Let's see where our journey goes

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