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IMPORTANT information for interested persons

If you are interested in this great breed and / or would like to have a puppy from our kennel, please read the following information carefully!


A puppy is a job!

Puppies are cute, no question! When you see such a little dot, you almost can not resist. Still, they have a lot to learn! Here are the main thoughts about it:

Even if a dog is meant to "run with it" as a family dog (and Dalmatians are very good at this, but not every Dalmatian ends up doing it!), you have to spend a lot of time training them in the beginning.

The thing that many dog buyers often underestimate is cleanliness training. While every kennel makes an effort to get puppies used to doing business outside, you may still need to allow some time for reliable housetraining. It can definitely take a few weeks for an animal to be completely clean in its new home, because everything is new and unknown there again. How should the little puppy know, for example, where the door is and how to indicate to the new owners that you "have to" ?

If you work, your new roommate may take some effort to get used to being alone. Is your profession at all suitable for keeping a dog? Or will he almost only be alone at home?

And of course, he needs exercise and loves to be outside, but this does not mean that Dalmatians will only be happy in houses with gardens. They are, as I said, very adaptable. However, our experience has taught us that it is an advantage to have a garden, because it makes the early days much easier for everyone. You open the door and you can always let the puppy outside briefly at night. In the apartment in the city, this is not so easy in any case.

Some puppies also gnaw or nibble on things you might like, like your new slippers, fancy sofa, chair leg.... Can you take this with humor ?

And not to forget: Puppies also enter puberty at some point and may test their limits quite unabashedly....

What now sounds theoretically exhausting, but still feasible, gets a whole other quality when you yourself are a new puppy owner. Through my work in puppy school, I am always in contact with new puppy owners. Some of those who had a puppy for the first time were surprised that the new family member brings stress and trouble along with many wonderful moments, and needed support and encouraging words now and then to get through the first time.


We breeders can not do more than our best, but that the dog develops into a great companion is then in YOUR hand.
Are all family members - at least the adults - equally willing to commit to the new animal friend? One alone will be able to perform this task only with difficulty, especially if the support of the other human co-inhabitants is missing...

Life with a dog

After the dog has been acquired, even if everything goes smoothly, there will always be follow-up costs: Vaccinations (completely value-neutral mentioned at this point), tick protection, deworming, insurance.... On vacation dogs often cost extra. If one would like to transport the dog as surely as possible in the car, then one must think about the acquisition of a stable dog box or a car grid. Leashes and harnesses must be paid as well as proper food, rewards or toys. So there is always something that comes together.

Animals can also get sick. This is not only a strain on the nerves, but can also be quite expensive, in addition to the normal costs.

Dalmatians also have a year-round hairy coat. Daily vacuuming should be scheduled because of this.They do not have an undercoat and therefore need a coat to keep warm even in the winter.

Dalmatians are also very vigilant. They will bark every now and then, and nice and loud! Is this possibly a problem if you live in a rented apartment?
They are also dogs that will run up to anyone joyfully, tail wagging. Also, most Dalmatians have the "Dalmatian grin" - To strangers, this can seem threatening.

You read from time to time that Dalmatians are not "beginner dogs". There is definitely a bit of truth to this. They need consistent but gentle leadership, then they are the best dogs in the world!

A Dalmatian is a "running dog" and also needs mental exercise. Mantrailing, lunging, agility, dummy training, cani-cross etc. are suitable for this. The Dalmatian is always with joy and has in any case fun. He wants to please and work in a team.


This is certainly not meant to be doom and gloom. But especially for people who have never had a dog before, a puppy will turn your life upside down. Therefore, please think about it BEFORE buying a puppy (and this of course applies to ALL breeds equally), whether you want to and can handle this task. Then - and this is for sure - after the beautiful, but sometimes difficult puppy time YOU will have grown together with the friend for life and can no longer imagine a life WITHOUT him!


What we want for our puppies

  • they are full members of the family and do not have to live in the kennel or in the barn

  • they are alone at home only from time to time and are taken to (family) activities as often as possible

  • they are allowed to go on nice, varied walks every day

  • they get proper dog food (what we mean by this can best be clarified in a personal conversation!)

  • they visit a puppy play lesson or similar, so that they learn to meet other dogs confidently and friendly

  • they are educated consequently but gently

  • they are not neutered for educational purposes (neutering is done only in case of medical indication)

  • they will remain an important family member even in case of illness and will be well cared for

  • the new feeders have considered the purchase of a puppy well and are so rooted in life that even changes in family and job do not endanger the place of the dog

  • they are not immediately given away if problems arise


You may wonder why we have to explicitly name such seemingly self-evident things. But it is indeed the case that there are always puppy buyers who forget their resolutions as soon as the puppy is moved in and causes work. And he will, and certainly not just for a few days!

Therefore, it is certainly understandable for everyone that we will really think twice about whom we entrust our offspring.

What else you need to know

The choice of the right food is enormously important for the Dalmatian. Due to a genetic defect, they have an increased tendency to urinary stones. Read more about this here,


If you're sure...

... that the above mentioned points are no problem or feasible for you and you would like to enrich your family with a Dalmatian puppy, then we would like to meet you personally! We ask for your understanding that we will not give away a puppy if we have not met the potential owners beforehand (i.e. before the puppy can be chosen) or at least talked to them via video conference. If you take care of the little creatures around the clock for 8 to 9 weeks from birth and grow fond of them, you also want to be as sure as possible that they will have it good later on.

It would be great if you could also fill out the questionnaire and send it back to us by email if you have a specific puppy inquiry! (voluntary!)


Questionnaire for prospective puppies

If you are still unsure...

... then you are still welcome to visit us at any time and experience a Dalmatian live! Maybe this will help you in your decision making!


There is never a guarantee...

Even if you should be absolutely suitable Dalmatian owner: Unfortunately we can never serve all interested parties. Even a visit with us does not guarantee that you will get a puppy from us in the end. Many factors, such as litter size, sexes of the puppies vs. sex wishes of the interested parties, etc. make long-term planning almost impossible. This is also unpleasant for us breeders, because of course we can empathize with what it's like when things don't work out right away with the long-awaited dog. But for the reasons mentioned above, another way of giving out puppies is not possible.


Just make an appointment with us!

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