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Raya Zazu und ich
Raya Zazu und ich

Get to know us

We are Marissa, Zazu (a mixed breed bitch from the Seychelles) and my breeding bitch Raya.

We live in the beautiful "lovely Tauber valley" - Igershem. A small place near Würzburg.

I have always been a dog lover and my wish for a dog was fulfilled by my parents at that time with our first dog, a Yorki. When I was older I went to study and then abroad - to the Seychelles - to work. Here I fell in love with a little bitch. - Zazu -

Through Corona we left the Seychelles together and returned to Germany. Here I fulfilled my childhood dream! And a Dalmatian bitch from the kennel "Sweet Points" moved in.

Now begins a great journey and my biggest dream. My own kennel

- Loving Sunshine's Dalmatian - .

Raya Zazu und ich
Raya Zazu und ich
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