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Raya Welpe

Puppy request


+49 (0) 1714702247


You want to give a home to a little dot?

This page will be updated regularly and we will let you know here as soon as we are planning a litter, Raya is pregnant or we have an exact birth date.

"First come, first served". We keep a list of interested parties, in which we will gladly add you with a "desired puppy" (gender, color). Please understand that we cannot guarantee anything. We have no influence on the number of puppies, gender and color. The earlier we add you to our list and the more openminded you are in choosing your puppy, the greater the chance of making you happy with a Dalmatian puppy. You can always fill out the
interest form and send it to us. This way we get to know a little bit about you, your wishes and your life situation. The personal contact is crucial for me and decisive if I give my puppies to a potential owner. I wish for all my puppies a home that will remain a home for them until the end of their life. Furthermore, we would like to maintain contact with all of our puppy buyers. A regular contact before and after the delivery is very important to me! Therefore a reservation is only possible after a personal conversation and, if this is doable in terms of travel distance. we are always here for assistance. This is a advantage if you choose for us.

If you decide to get a point puppy from our kennel, it is a far-reaching decision that will enrich your life. We are happy to help you, but we also expect you to make this decision conscientiously and responsibly.

Here you can find out how we can proceed together:

1. Contact

If you are interested in a Dalmatian Puppy, please fill out  the following information-letter (see above "Interessenten-Bogen")

Raya Welpe

2. Lets meet

In the interest of our puppies, we would like to get to know the future owners in person before we put them on our list of prospects. During a visit you can get an impression of the dogs and their environment. We will find individual solutions for interested people from abroad.

Raya Welpe

3. The List

If both sides agree, we will put you on our list. We consider your wishes regarding gender and color of the dog. However, if you are "open to anything"  the chance of getting a puppy increases.

Raya Welpe

4. Litter

As soon as there is a new litter, we will contact the persons on the list and looking for a visiting term.

Raya Welpe

No guarantee

We can't influence the number or gender of the puppies. Please be aware that being on our list and the subsequent contact does not guarantee a binding promise for a puppy from the current or the next litter.


We will of course inform you as soon as possible if you are a potential new owner.


If you are rather interested in a binding reservation, we can alternatively offer you to conclude a pre-sale contract with a deposit of 1000 Euro.. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in this solution.

Raya Welpe

Puppy delivery

The time of the puppy delivery depends on the development of the individual puppies. The delivery takes place at the earliest with the 8th-9th week.


When taking over the puppy, we give the following documents/documents/additions:

  • Pedigree (if already available, otherwise it will be submitted later)

  • International vaccination certificate with details of the vaccinations already carried out

  • Copy of audiometric examination form (AEP) (hearing examination)

  • Copy of the litter inspection

  • Puppy starter kit

  • Feeding plan (raw feeding) for puppies

  • Biothane collar

  • Biothane drag leash

  •  1 x toy

  •  1 x 200g treats

  •  1 x wellness blanket

The puppies are dewormed several times, chipped, vaccinated and vet checked at the time of delivery.

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