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Puppy raising

Our puppies are born in our living room, here we can see them around the clock. Besides, it is the familiar environment for Raya and it is less stressful for all of them.

After the little ones are 3 weeks old and slowly life comes into the whelping box, they are brought into our "hobby room". As soon as the dot babies are old enough they have enough space for toys and a direct exit into our garden. This is also equipped with many toys. Furthermore, we have different surfaces such as

  • grass

  • artificial grass

  • wet, dryearth

  • Stone tiles

  • gridg

  • sand

  • gravel

  • Water

Our Dalmatian puppies also learn to balance on moving or even wobbly objects. This playfully trains their balance and motor skills right from the start. Through the wobbly surface, the puppies also train their surefootedness and it promotes among other things their self-confidence.

When the puppies are in the 5 weeks of life they are allowed to go to our small secluded meadow to have secured free access and playtime. To get there they are allowed to drive every day for 5 minutes. Thus they are immediately accustomed to driving a car.

Furthermore we practice with our puppies how to deal with environmental noises in the household:

  • Vacuum cleaner (normal, as well as robot)

  • Washing machine

  • Coffee machine

  • Television/radio

as well as outdoor

  • Cars

  • Bicycles

  • Construction site

  • Playgrounds/children sounds

As soon as we start feeding, we condition the puppies to the whistle. This can be very helpful later for recall. It makes sense to continue practicing this later. We use the English classic whistles from ACME model 211,5

Our puppies are raised with full family involvement. This also means that the pups get to know our other dogs and the neighbor's children.

Furthermore we would like to maintain contact with all our puppy buyers. This is mandatory if you get a puppy from us.


Puppy delivery

The time of the puppy delivery depends on the development of the individual puppies. The delivery takes place at the earliest with the 8th-9th week.


When taking over the puppy, we give the following documents/documents/additions:

  • Pedigree (if already available, otherwise it will be submitted later)

  • International vaccination certificate with details of the vaccinations already carried out

  • Copy of audiometric examination form (AEP) (hearing examination)

  • Copy of the litter inspection

  • Puppy starter kit

  • Feeding plan (raw feeding) for puppies

  • Biothane collar

  • Biothane drag leash

  •  1 x toy

  •  1 x 200g treats

  •  1 x wellness blanket

The puppies are dewormed several times, chipped, vaccinated and vet checked at the time of delivery.

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