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What is a co-ownership?

From our point of view, every dog needs individual attention and care. That is exactly why we do not run a large breeding, but are a small family breeding. Our dogs are full members of the family. In order to be able to do justice to our dogs, we cannot keep all dogs that show the desired breeding potential and would enrich our breeding by their type and temperament.

The deal is therefore actually quite simple: the dogs live with the co-owner (you), but for the time being still belong on paper to the breeder (breeding rights included). A promising puppy is given away on special terms and both we and the new dog owner own the dog. The sole breeding right is with us for the time being. The new dog owner commits himself to breed the dog if the development is positive.


What does it mean now?

If the puppy is developing very well, at a certain age, the appropriate health examinations must be made. According to the current breeding regulations, it means that 2 exhibitions must be visited (with at least the rating "very good"), as well as the examination of the hips by digital x-ray from a minimum age of 15 months. Regarding the question of who pays what costs, we can make very clear divisions here. We pay for all costs, which concern the breeding permission and the breeding activities. All running costs concerning the dog itself are the responsibility of the co-owner. The co-owner does not have to be a member of the breeding association.

In case of co-ownership of a bitch, we as breeders have the right to take her to us for 1 or 2 litters (depending on the agreement). Once the breeding is over, the bitch becomes the sole property of the dog owner.

Of course, all of the above details will be found in a contractual arrangement that clearly and unambiguously regulates the rights and obligations of both parties.


As you can already see, this project requires a good basis of trust between us and you as co-owner. You have us as breeders on your side! You can rely on us, share the responsibility with us and benefit from our many years of experience in dog training. In this respect, we are not only available as "mentors" to help with training, food and other questions with words and deeds, but also take over, whenever it is possible for us, the vacation care for your protégé.

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