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The right food

The choice of the right food is enormously important for the Dalmatian. Due to a genetic defect, they have an increased tendency to urinary stones. This is related to a disturbed purine metabolism. Uric acid is accumulated and increasingly excreted in the urine (hyperuricosuria). This increases the likelihood of crystal formation and the formation of gravel. If urinary stones form, this can have serious health consequences, for example if such a stone blocks the urethra.

It is therefore advisable to check the pH value of the urine regularly with test strips from the pharmacy. Values between 6.5 and 7.5 are considered optimal. However, since the pH value can be subject to strong fluctuations, it is best to test the urine early in the morning on an empty stomach with the dog's first urine.

If the value is outside the normal range, the diet should be closely examined and modified.

Despite the defect, not every Dalmatian will get stones, but a purine-conscious diet should be emphasized to keep the risk as low as possible from the beginning.


So, as we all know, if you have a choice, you're spoiled for choice. But do not worry. You can actually feed your Dalmatian healthy with any kind of feeding, if you pay attention to a few things. The Dalmatian's diet should not be one-sided. Balanced and varied is the motto. You can combine BARF, dry and wet food, as well as home-cooked dog food.


To provide a Dalmatian ideal it makes the most sense to barf him, that is, to feed raw meat. For this, there are many BARF consultants who create a plan.

Wet food

Here care should be taken to:

  • High meat content (70%)

  • Grain-free

  • Without sugar, soy, preservatives or dyes

Chewing fun - Hard treats

Everything that is dried contains large amounts of purine! Therefore, dried treats are not recommended.

For chewing fun can be recommended:

Dry Food

With dry food you should always pay attention to the purine content and ideally always offer with water.

Dry food with little purine:    


Vegan diet is possible. However, the food should definitely be declared as a complete feed!

More info here.

Trainings snacks

It's best to bake it yourself, you know what's in it.

Here are a few recipes

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